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1P LSD blotters


Buy 1P LSD blotters Online

1P-LSD blotters Online (1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide) is a psychedelic of the lysergamide class. It is from the same family as ALD-52 and LSD. Chemically the only difference between the two is that 1P-LSD has a small propionyl group bound to the 1-position or indole ring of LSD.

How to Buy 1P LSD Online ?

Are you looking for where to buy 1P-LSD  online? We offers you the possibility to get blotters for sale online without hassles or awkwardness. We work endlessly to make sure you save money every time you order 1P-LSD blotters online from our shop. our goal is to make our clients pay less.

Effects of 1P-lsd blotter

After effects‎: ‎6 – 24 hours
Peak‎: ‎3 – 5 hours
Come up‎: ‎45 – 120 minutes
Onset‎: ‎20 – 60 minutes

As the effects become stronger, a wide variety of perceptual changes may occur; non-specific mental and physical stimulation, pupil dilation, closed and open eye patterning and visuals, changed thought patterns, feelings of insight, confusion, or paranoia, and quickly changing emotions (happiness, fear, giddiness, anxiety, anger, joy, irritation).

Our 1P-LSD are not approved for human consumption and they are strictly for laboratory use only.

Buy 1p LSD.

Visual patterns, as well as colors and sounds, become very vivid, at times seeming three-dimensional. Familiar objects become distorted, sometimes looking as if they are melting or morphing. Creative thinking is flighty and intense. All sensations are on high alert. Often, Acquire Lsd online  is the baseline drug to which many others are compared to intensity and feeling. 1p lsd buy.

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